Lash Lift

lash lift - eyelash extensions

Continuing from our previous post about the GRANDE LASH SERUM, I do now hope that you’ve achieved longer and fuller lashes, but what’s next?

It is common for Asian girls to have droopy lashes which mascara sometimes cannot even fix! If your lashes lack curl or if you prefer not having eyelash extensions, a lash perm may be the next most suitable option for you. Imagine how much time and effort you can save if you could wake up to naturally curled lashes! For this, DR. LASH has the perfect solution for you – the LASH LIFT.

Using only premium products from Korea and Taiwan, our Lash Lift takes about 1 hour and lasts approximately a month (subjected to individual’s lash condition). Our LASH LIFT process is a mild and safe procedure that is not harmful to your own lashes. Unlike many other salons, we do not use strong chemicals that will cause your lashes to turn fizzy and weak.

Our treatment comprises of 3 steps.

First, using an antibacterial foam cleanser, your eye area will be thoroughly cleansed and disinfected to prepare your lashes for the next step.

Secondly, a perming solution will be applied gently to your lashes with a tiny brush. Depending on your preference for either a natural or dramatic curl, our therapist will use a “curling rod” to perm your lashes to achieve your desired look. The perming solution will be applied for 2-3 rounds, every 10 minutes. To improve absorption of the solution, a plastic wrap will be placed on the lashes too.

Lastly, the “curling rod” is removed, your lashes are cleansed and a layer of conditioning cream is applied to strengthen the lashes.

The final product is a naturally curled set of eyelashes that make your eyes look brighter and bigger. The most enticing benefit of our LASH LIFT is that it takes almost no effort to take care of and it makes applying mascara so much easier. Enjoy this treatment at only $88 (U.P 108) if this is your first visit by quoting “LASHLIFT88”!

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