I Have Sensitive Eyes, Am I Still Suitable For Eyelash Extensions?

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Well, in short, you are. Eyelash extensions are bonded to the natural lash, rather than the eyelid, hence, contact with any part of the eye or skin is at the bare minimum. Though some adhesive might get on the skin at times, it is unlikely to be a significant amount. If you are unsure, do ask our LashCraft Stylists to perform a test on a small part of your skin, this will give an adequate indication if you may have any adverse reaction to the adhesive used.

Nonetheless, there are times that your carelessness may have a part to play for any adverse reactions. For instance, frequent rubbing, and tugging on your eyelashes can not only rip off your lashes, but also transfer glue and other nasty stuff like dirt into your eyeballs, which can cause irritation in people who don’t even have sensitive eyes to begin with.

Hence, with the care and skills provided by our therapists, combined with proper hygiene and care, eyelash extensions will be safe for you. Should you be notoriously sensitive and want to take extra precaution, do get some advice from your ophthalmologist first!