bernard cassere of eyelash extension products

BILLBERRY for sensitive skin

To soothe sensitive skin, Bernard Cassiere discovered and implemented the two essential elements in the billberry skincare regime. Using organic berries harvested in Correze, France, the cosmetic active ingredient billberry is extracted, and helps sooth sensitive skin.

With the help of billberry and nordic berry’s existence in B.C’s skincare range, it does not only optimize your skin’s microcirculation, but also reduce the permeability of your capillaries to increase its resistance to symptoms of sensitivity.

BILBERRY VASCULOPROTECTIVE to optimize skin microcirculation

MINT-LEMON for oily/ combination skin

The mint-lemon range is specially formulated for those with an oily or a combination skin type. Skin congestion, breakouts and overproduction of sebum characterizing oily skin are common with teenagers and young adults.

bernard cassere of eyelash extension products
bernard cassere of eyelash extension singapore

BAMBOO for hydra-nutrition

At times, most people face difficulties in differentiating dehydration and dryness of skin. There are many possible internal dysfunctions and external aggressions that may cause lack of water and lipid in one’s skin.

HONEY for oxygenating of skin

The beauty of the skin lies beneath a fresh, clean and pure complexion. Several external and internal factors may change the appearance of our skin. Adapting the right reflex can regain the glow of a healthy skin.

bernard cassere of eyelash extension products
bernard cassere of eyelash extension products

POMEGRANATE & AHA for dermabrasion

AHA, also known as alpha-hydroxy-acid, are carboxylic acids derived from fruit sugar. When used professionally and appropriately, its exceptional nutritional properties provide wonders to prevent your skin from aging quickly…

CORNFLOWER for eye soothing

The eye contour is the most delicate area of the face. The skin of the eye contour is very thin and more sensitiveto external (climate/ pollution) or internal (free radicals) attacks. The eye contour is often the first area where signs of dehydration and ageing are seen.

cornflower - eyelash extension Singapore