Eyelash Extensions (LashCraft)

Love at First Sight

Falling in love gives you that fluttery feeling of butterflies in your stomach.

That’s what stepping into our limitless world of lashes feels like.

Delicately crafted, distinctively suited for every unique individual, this eyelash extension salon offers lashes suited for everyone.

Home in Your Hood – Your Eyelash Extension Salon in Sunny Singapore

Looking for an eyelash extension salon in Singapore?

With 3 convenient outlets islandwide – Orchard Central, SingPost Centre and Oxley Tower – we’re truly in the heart of your home.

Swing by during your lunch break, while you’re shopping or more for a quick transformation.

What’s Your Pick?

From au naturel to Lady Gaga, we have different lashes to flash different looks.

Au Natural($108)

Natural lashes with no limits! For this style, we use thicker strands of lashes to enhance your original lash. This is as natural you can get!

The Doll ($158)

Strike the perfect balance between natural and voluminous for the best of both worlds.

The Diva ($208)

Let your inner star shine through your eyes! This gives you the fullest lash line and even the eyeshadow effect. Saves you ladies time and effort in the mornings!

The AVANT GARDE: XTREME VOL. (10D – 12D) $288

Using an in-house specialty technique, get ready to view your lashes in its fullest bloom whilst using our fluffiest lashes!

Kim K ($258)

Alternating between long and short eyelash extensions, fit for the bold and sexy!

Eyeshadow LashCraft ($278)

Adding some colour to your eyelashes, this difficult technique allows you to save the hassle for putting on eyeshadow!


  • Lower Lash $58
  • Colour Lash Design $28 onwards
  • Glitter Lash Design $28 onwards
  • Swarovski add ons$38 onwards
  • Lash Removal $28

Lash Lift


With 3 simple, harmless steps, you can wake up to delicately curled, natural-looking lashes.

Enhance the shine and definition of your eyes naturally with LASH LIFT.

Lash Rejuvenation

$1200 (3 session = 1 cycle)

Eyelash Extensions may be great to improve your look.

However, your natural lashes need some TLC too. Give them a strengthening boost with Lash Rejuvenation that resolves your natural lashes’ problems deep from the roots. 1 cycle includes 3 sessions, best spaced a month apart. With each session, you'll see your natural lashes grow fuller, longer and stronger!

Got a Question?

Decisions, decisions! How do I select an eyelash extension that suits me?

Our natural eyelashes are distinct from each other.
Some may be thinner, shorter, longer, or thicker. While they are all different, they each have their own beautiful features and characteristics!
Our expert therapists assess your suitability according to the condition of your natural lashes.
To put it simply, you can go au naturel if you have thinner lashes, or the striking Barbie look with thicker, more voluminous ones.
We want you to make an informed and cautious choice, so don’t rush into it if it’s your virgin attempt.
Take baby steps by opting for a half set - half of your top lashes because it’s much easier to add on if necessary than remove!

I’m done! What post-treatment do’s and don’ts are there?

Diligence maintains and extends the lifespan of your eyelash extensions.Stay away from water and steam for the first 2 days. Sleep on your back at night so pressure is not applied onto them either.

How long will Lashcraft last?

You want your lashes to be worth every cent.
Our natural lashes have a life cycle of 25 to 29 days, and our job is to prolong the lifetime of your eyelash extensions while keeping the former healthy and happy.
Both the products and skills used here at DR. LASH aim to achieve this.
Our dedicated therapists will also educate you on the best post-treatment tips to care for your lashes for maximum takeaways.
If well-looked after, every set can last up to 1.5 months, but the results can vary from individual to individual.

Okay, so how long will each session take?

Time is money, so we want to maximise your precious time.Our therapists’ expert hands work deftly and swiftly, never compromising on detai and quality.Each session does not stretch beyond 2 hours – a quick power nap before you wake up transformed.

The million-dollar question… Will LashCraft be painless?

In the wrong hands, we can’t be sure.
But at DR. LASH, our high-quality glue and customer checklist that helps understands your sensitivity to our products give you a pain-free experience.
Of course, you must keep your eyes tightly shut so no glue will find its way inside too!

So, what about my natural lashes?

Be confident, because your natural lashes stay perfectly in place despite the eyelash extensions.Not everyone wants to look like Katy Perry without lashes, so our extensions do not affect your natural ones.

Can I put on mascara on my lashes?

If you want to go the extra (mile) and add mascara, why not?
Just be mindful when you’re removing your makeup and opt for oil-free removers.
Oil breaks down the glue attaching your eyelash extensions, so avoid it to keep your lashes going!