Volume Series Eyelash Extensions

eyelash extension Singapore - volume series

Adding on to our Natural series (click HERE to read!), this post will be explaining more about our volume lashes.

For that, Dr Lash Eyelash extension salon  have 3 lash styles – Diva, Kim K & Avant Garde. All these styles are similar such that the lash styles are customized for each individual and all lash fans are handmade. We use the fluffiest mink lashes of thickness between 0.05 and 0.07mm which ensures the lashes will not be too heavy or uncomfortable. Therefore if you have little natural lashes and want more fullness go for these series.  However, what are the main differences?


Using a Russian Volume technique, a lash fan of 4-5 strands of extensions will be attached to each individual healthy lash that you. With this, you are able to achieve an eyeliner and mascara effect.

As seen on: @rchlwngxx, @shiberty


Inspired by Kim Kardashian herself, our KIM K lash is unique such that there is a mixture of lash lengths to bring out a bold, sexy look. With this style, you can either go for a natural (2-3D) or a volume (4-5D) look.

As seen on: @cleokim, @rchlwngxx, @mirchelley, @elizabethboon, @angelaxchen


For those who loves volume and wants lashes that scream “WOW”, the AVANT GARDE is for you! Being our thickest lash style at 8-9D, this series will create a fluffy look with maximum fullness.

As seen on: @omfgwen, @chevonnecheng, @reneekee

More photos can be viewed on our Instagram page @drlash.sg! For more information, don’t hesitate to send us a DM or come down for a complimentary lash analysis! 🙂