Brow Henna

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What is it?

Brow Henna uses a natural plant pigment from the Hina tree making it perfect for sensitive skin types. It has ZERO down time! No needles involved, suitable for everyone, even pregnant mummies. Simply put, it is a temporary brow tattoo that results in a natural, fuller, tinted brow. With the brow henna, you no longer need to spend time and effort shaping and filling in your brows every morning so yay to more sleep time!!!!

The procedure goes as such:

Firstly, your therapist will trim and shape your brows. Using a brow pencil, your therapist will lightly draw out the outline for the tinting process. You can communicate with the therapist about your desired colour and shape! After this step, the tinting begins! The pigment will be gently applied on your brows for 2-3 rounds. After the pigment is dried up, a wet cotton sheet will be used to cleanse your brows and TA-DAH you have your perfectly tinted brows!!!

The entire procedure will take about 1-1.5hours. Brow henna lasts 1-2 weeks depending on your skin type and proper after care. Talk to our friendly Therapists to find out what’s your customised aftercare procedure! The pigment slowly fades away with no scabbing whatsoever.

Before VS After

Normal price for the brow henna is @ $108 (but do watch our IG STORIES closely for weekly promotions! ) 😉