It’s interesting to think that the tiny hairs that happen to grow out of our eyelids make such a difference in our appearance, our confidence, and subsequently, our daily life. We love the idea of flirtatiously batting an eyelash. We relish the thought of the term ‘I Woke Up Like This’. This combination of ideas drove us to create DR. LASH – Best eyelash salon in Singapore, a specialty shop focused on semi-permanent make-up, such as eyelash extensions and eyebrow embroidery.

Eyelash extension singapore - drlash lift

We strongly believe in the highest standards of service, quality, and skills of our therapists, the standard you would expect when you enter a clinic. When you enter DR. LASH, we expect your first impression of our staff to be well-groomed, tidy, and polite, and our décor to be contemporary, inviting, and comfortable.

Our high standards for our services and customer satisfaction will change the way clients think about the enhancement of their natural beauty and set our eyelash extension salon apart from the rest of the industry. We heard of many horror stories over the years about eyelash extensions, which is why we strive to achieve clinical standards when it comes to hygiene here at DR. LASH – best eyelash extension in Singapore.

Eyelash extension singapore - drlash lift

Our services are designed with you, the customer, in mind and we always strive to provide you with the healthiest, longest-lasting, lightest and customized lash extensions. After just one visit to DR. LASH, you will notice the difference in the look and the longevity of our lashes compared to most eyelash extension salons.

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